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Portable Restrooms & Disposal

Our workforce of over three hundred have been trained to plant and harvest many different types of farms. They have been trained to perform a variety of task required to farm and this knowledge is kept up to date by our qualified supervisors.

To perform the vast tasks we are required of we have built a library of tools for our workers. We have stockpiled tools such as bamboo poles, shovels, ladders, and chainsaws. This was done in order for us to perform our work more efficiently.


To further avoid middle men we have developed our own portable restroom and waste disposal company. Our arsenal of portable bathrooms aims to clean and convenient relief for our workers.

Year after year temperatures have been on a rise posing a very dangerous risk for our employees. To combat the and prevent heat illness we have in our possession easy to transport portable tables with expanding umbrellas to provide shade. We also have a restaurant grade ice machine which provides us with a large quantity of ice for our water coolers.

Rest Areas & Water Coolers
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